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Hot Ink Rollers. That’s what we do. Nothing else . . . . .

We just manufacture Hot Ink Rollers.

What this means to you, the customer, is that all of our time, effort and energy is devoted to just one thing.
Hot Ink Rollers.

We do not sell any other items to ‘compliment our range’. We offer a service purely dedicated to one product line.
Hot Ink Rollers.

This allows us to provide a prompt response to queries and an unusually quick turnaround for those urgent orders we
all love so much.

Our modern, purpose designed high capacity, machinery has been designed to ensure that we can produce rollers
possessing the very highest levels of consistency.

We will endeavour to enhance the performance of our rollers through the development of improved manufacturing
techniques and the research and sourcing of new raw materials.

We genuinely care about our existing, and future customers. We will work harder for you to try and exceed your

It is our firm belief that if we can supply the right product, at the right time, at the right price, and back this up
with a technical and support service second to none, you, the customer, will return.